Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Bluemint to look after my investment property?Use Blue Mint instead of a Real Estate Agency


  • You can be sure you get a rental return that is consistent with market value.

  • Your tenants will be carefully selected based on their ability to pay the rent and  their previous tenancy history.

  • You can be sure that we will comply with all the legislative obligations protecting you as the landlord and protecting your investment.  

  • Having a go between for you and your tenant helps ensure rental payment is made to you on time and any conflict is resolved quickly with no hassle for you.


How long does it take to have my property available for rent?
Assuming your property is in rentable condition we can be sourcing tenants for your property the same day that the management agreement is signed. Not sure if your property is in rentable condition? Please contact us.


What do I need to tell you to get things started?
We like to find out your long term aims as well as other requests and guidelines you may like to set in place for your rental property. We'd love you to contact us and we can organise a time to discuss your situation any aspect of our services.


Why use Bluemint instead of a Real Estate Sales agency?
Bluemint offers you the services of a specialist rental property manager. Our clients have told us that many major real estate agencies assign rental property management to junior staff and tend to treat rental properties without the care and attention that a specialist property manager can give you.
We do not take your business for granted. We have 20 years experience as property investors ourselves which means that we understand how important a good property manager is as a key component of your wealth creation strategy.


Who is Bluemint for?
Whether you have only recently purchased your first investment property or you have many years of experience as a landlord we would be happy for you to choose our services. We provide a comprehensive property managment service to property owners in Brisbane, Logan City, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


"We take all the hassle out of owning investment property"  Bluemint Property Management